Monday, May 5, 2008

Embarrassing Moment at Church

Yesterday Kevin kept saying "Amen" during church. (We've been trying to teach him about how to pray.) At some point during the meeting, he got "Amen" mixed up with a new phrase he learned from his brothers:

As the meeting progressed, and Kevin got more and more antsy, he started talking VERY loudly. After someone had finished speaking, and the congregation said, "Amen," Kevin shouted, "Oh man!" He couldn't have picked a quieter moment! Needless to say, the entire section sitting by us broke out into laughter.

The Trampoline Lives Again!

Last August we had a crazy thunderstorm pass through our neighborhood. We lost a tree, a shed, some siding, some shingles, and our trampoline. We only had the trampoline for a few months before this happened:

Looks like a spider that has curled up it's legs and died, doesn't it? Anyway, we were very sad to see our trampoline go, and we promised the kids we would get a new one in the spring (courtesty of insurance money). So, last Thursday we purchased the exact same trampoline, although we were dreading the assembly because it had taken us so long the last time we put a trampoline together. Turns out, practice makes (almost) perfect!Our neighbor said it took us a lot less time to put this one up. I guess we might have a future as trampoline assemblers (Robert says absolutely not.) We might have to try to figure out a way to tether this one into the ground. If this one gets blown over, we've decided that it's the will of the trampoline gods that we not own one.

After putting this one together, unfortunately we had a day of crazy rain so the kids didn't get a whole lot of jumping time right away. Ethan, however, was is some video of him jumping in the rain: