Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ethan's Birthday

Can't believe it, but my little guy is 6 years old now! He has been such a trooper and is doing so well in school. We had a little birthday party for him Friday afternoon with a few friends friends from church and a few friends from school. It was a pirate party (my favorite at-home party theme), complete with pirate hats, a treasure hunt, and "treasure" at the end. It went really well. Trevor was sad to miss it (he was still at school), but he helped me figure out the treasure hunt clues and even hid the treasure for me (in the shed in the backyard...yes, I made them tromp through the snow to get it!) Kevin took his nap through the whole thing, which helped a lot. I told the kids that there was a dragon sleeping upstairs and that they should be careful not to wake it, although Kevin is fairly used to sleeping through all kinds of noise around here. We celebrated as a family on Saturday, and Ethan got his favorite present: a camera! Yes, after pestering me all the time to use my camera (and dropping my brand new one a few months ago), he now has one of his own! I will post more about this later. Happy Birthday to my Ethan...what a sweet boy! (P.S. That's a Cold Stone cake...with all the party preparations, I totally forgot about a cake! I think this one was yummier than anything I would have made, anyway!)