Saturday, June 28, 2008

Swapping with My Neighbor

My back-door neighbor Kay (she lives behind me) and I make a swap each summer...I give her some of my rhubarb and she gives me some of her beautiful peonies...
I have told her she can have any of my rhubarb any time, regardless of a swap, but I do love looking at these fluffy, droopy flowers! I need to plant some next year...although I love the whole neighbor swap thing, too!

Trevor's Comic Book Stand

Trevor and his friend Ryan set up a stand on our street selling comic books that they had made, as well as water bottles for 5 cents (what a bargain!).

Unfortunately they were out selling at about 2 p.m. on a Friday, so there wasn't a whole lot of traffic. They did end up making one sale...Big Al down the street walked by and bought a bottle of water for a whole dollar! They were very excited. I guess he wasn't interested in the comic book.

The sign they made cracks me up because it's so hung up on all of the "no's":Whatever happened to "customer service"?!

Summertime Pics

Here are few shots of the boys so far this summer:

Kevin in the swimming pool (about the get water dumped on him by his brother).

Trevor all tied up in the hose (hmm...I wonder who did that to him)

Don't you just love corn on the cob?!


Our neighbors moved about a month ago, and I thought I would post a few pictures of their girls playing with the boys and eating cake. They are so cute! They call me "Tiffany Auntie."

They have moved a little further out of the Twin Cities, but we have promised to stay in touch! In fact, they stopped by to visit last week and invited us over in a couple of weeks. They are originally from Pakistan and we have enjoyed learning about their culture and Muslim faith so much! We miss you guys!

Ethan's Training Wheels

Ethan got a new bike last month, and we've been talking all about when he's going to take his training wheels off (a goal I have for him this summer). One day he told me he will take them off on June 21...not sure what the significance of that date is, but at least he has a goal in mind. We were all very surprised when he asked Robert to take them off on June 13th, almost a full week ahead of schedule! After a few shaky starts, he got it!
Here's some video of the momentous occasion:

Training Wheel Update: After a nasty spill a few days later, Ethan has since asked that the training wheels be put back on...I guess we need a little more practice!

Chuck E. Cheese

I try to avoid Chuck E. Cheese at all costs, but sometimes you just have to go. We decided to go a couple of days after school got out while Grandma Sandi was in town. You get free tokens for your grades, so the boys were very excited to be rewarded for their efforts (they did a great job at school this year!).

Trevor and Ethan spent all of their tokens on Mario Kart 2, which cracks me up because Grandma Sandi just brought Mario Kart for Wii as a present for the boys two days earlier! Don't ask me to explain the logic of playing the same game we have at home when you're at Chuck E. Cheese.

Kevin wasn't so into the games, but he did find out all about the tickets. It took all of our energy to keep him from swiping other people's tickets! Here's Grandma Sandi trying to teach him how to bowl a "skee-ball."

Kevin's official job when he grows up will be filling the Ticket Muncher machine.Kevin was also enthralled by the animatronic Chuck E. Cheese. Not sure if he liked him or if he was kind of terrified by him...

By the way, who's that kid in the green shirt that snuck into our family picture?Not sure who he is...but he's kind of cute. I guess we'll keep him.

Painting Project

OK...I'll be the first to admit that I get a little hung up on miniscule details at times. Since we got our new siding, trim, and roof last fall, I've been meaning to tie up a few loose ends on the exterior of our house. It's taken a few months, but I finally finished! Can you guess what I did? Here are the before and after pictures:

It's hard to tell in this shot, but I painted the trim around the garage to match the new cream trim all over the house. So much better than the dark brown! I also painted the garage door a new tan...yes, it's a totally different tan than before. Now it matches the new siding a little bit better. It's been bugging me all winter! Ethan told me that he thinks this new color should be called "skin."

Here's another little painting project. Can you tell the difference in the before and after?

It's not the you see it? I painted the post cream (to match my new storm door and trim), the board under the door a light tan (to match the siding), and the front door got a new color...yes a NEW color! No one believes used to be a sort of brick red, and now it's more of a burgundy red...totally different! Now it matches my shutters, which has been bugging me ever since we moved into the house!

OK...I need therapy. But, at least now I can rest a little bit easier at night.

Mr. Darcy's Birthday

In honor of Mr. Darcy's 11th birthday, the boys decided to celebrate by making him a cat treat feeder out of Legos. Here are the results:As you can see, there is a little cup with a sliding lid taped to the holds the cat treats. The boys put a towel on the bottom so Mr. Darcy can snuggle up, if he likes. Very clever!

Here's Kevin "helping" Darcy eat his treats:As you can see, Mr. Darcy seemed to enjoy this contraption very much.

We also made a stop at the local pet store to pick up a few presents, one of which was a laser pointer. Darcy become quite "kittenish" when we broke that one out. He chased that little beam of light all over the house. Endless hours of entertainment for the boys...although I had to remind them several times to "not point it at people's (or animal's ) eyes." (I'm such a mom.)Of course no birthday would be complete without a "birthday cake." Here's what Trevor came up with:
That's a marshmallow (a Mr. Darcy favorite) with a couple cat treats on top. Yum! Anyway, we're glad that Mr. Darcy is a part of our family...we love him very much (even if he can be a bit arrogant and prideful at times!)