Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ethan's Training Wheels

Ethan got a new bike last month, and we've been talking all about when he's going to take his training wheels off (a goal I have for him this summer). One day he told me he will take them off on June 21...not sure what the significance of that date is, but at least he has a goal in mind. We were all very surprised when he asked Robert to take them off on June 13th, almost a full week ahead of schedule! After a few shaky starts, he got it!
Here's some video of the momentous occasion:

Training Wheel Update: After a nasty spill a few days later, Ethan has since asked that the training wheels be put back on...I guess we need a little more practice!

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Flying Princess said...

Kinda random, but I liked seeing the shadows of the clouds moving across the ground. That is one of the things I remember and miss about Minnesota is the cool clouds.