Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I was tagged by my friend Cathy, and these were the instructions: "Go to your pictures file and pull the fourth picture from your fourth folder. Post it."

So to get her off my back, I'm posting this random shot...

It's Trevor and me ransacking our Christmas stockings at Robert's dad's house. Look how young Trevor looks! I suppose I look younger, too. Scary!

Ok, so the fun part about tagging is tagging other people. I tag...Stacey P., Stacey E., Katherine E., and Diane C. Can't wait to see your random shots!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Super Saturday Projects

I have heard from "a few people" (Marsha!) that it would be helpful to post pictures and info on the Super Saturday projects on my blog. Well...it was a good idea, so here goes.

Super Saturday is November 8th. We've got some fun and easy projects--and, of course, some wonderful teachers--this year! All of these projects would make great gifts for family members, neighbors, co-workers, or teachers. By the way, the last day to sign up for projects is Sunday, September 28. Please have your money to your teachers by that day so they have plenty of time to buy their supplies.

"Home" Wall Hanging
This sample shows a variety of knobs so you can see what they might look like,
but I think it looks great with all of the different knobs!
Price: $6.00 (Please bring your own knobs)
Teacher: Sarah Chapinski
Time to complete project: 3 hours (including drying time between coats of paint)

Christmas Hanging Tiles
A beautiful, unique holiday decoration for your home!
Price: "Joy" $4.50, "Noel" $5.00 (ribbon color may vary)
Teacher: Stacey Preator
Time to complete project: 30 minutes

Etched Votive Candle Holder
Very easy -- makes a great gift!
Price: $2.50 (image may vary; will have Christmas and Fall images to choose from)
Teacher: Heather Solberg
Time to complete project: 15 minutes

Etched Casserole Dish
Etch your name on your glass casserole dishes or pie plates--or give it as a gift!
Several font choices available--see sign-ups
Price: $3.00 (does not include glass dish)
Teacher: Heather Solberg
Time to complete project: 20 minutes

Family Scripture Activity Bag
Pick an object, then read the scripture that goes along with it.
Great for Family Home Evening or as a Sunday activity!
Price: $5.00
Teacher: Tiffany Burgoyne
Time to complete project: 45 minutes (we will be sewing the bags...but they are very easy!)

Nativity Glass Block
A beautiful, but easy, holiday decoration!
Price: $12.75
Teacher: Lori Manzella
Time to complete project: 20 minutes

Hair Clippies
For the cute little girl in your life!
Prices: (starting at top, going clockwise)
'mod' dainty clippie: $2.25
'watermelon' bow: $1.75
'strawberry ice cream treat' bow: $1.75
'Sassy Summer' so-big clip: $2.75
'mod' so-big clip: $2.75
'black tie' bow: $1.75
'pretty in pink' so-big clip: $2.75
Teacher: Mercedes Macdonald
Time to complete each project: 15 minutes

Beaded Ornaments
These would make great gifts!
Blue Snowflake: $2.60
Icicle: $1.00
Silver Snowflake: $3.25
Teacher: Melissa Dean
Time to complete each project: 10 minutes

Handmade Card Tin
This cute card set includes 6 all-occasion cards and envelopes,
plus the adorable decoupaged tin!
Price: $10.00
Teacher: Stacey Erickson
Time to complete project: 1 1/2 hours

Holiday Wooden Magnets
Great gift for teachers or neighbors!
Price: $6.50
Teacher: Stacey Preator
Time to complete project: 45 minutes

Black Wooden Magnets
Price: $6.50
Teacher: Stacey Preator
Time to complete project: 45 minutes

Sunday, September 7, 2008

First Day of School

The first day of school came around very quickly this year! Both of the boys were very excited, but I think Kevin wondered where they were all day. He definitely missed them! Ethan's favorite thing about school is eating lunch there!
Trevor favorite thing about school is having a bunch of his friends in his class this year.

We were worried Kevin would try to get on with them, but I guess he's not quite ready for that!

Crystal Cave with the Tennants

One of our last adventures for the summer was our trip to Crystal Cave with our friends, the Tennants. Very informative and chilly, but well worth the trip! Afterward, we hit the A&W but saved room for Nelson's Ice Cream in Stillwater.

Catching up on Summer: State Fair

Robert's mom came into town, too, and I convinced her to hit the State Fair. It was an exhausting, fun, delicious, tiring day. We ate and ate...my favorite treat being the roasted corn on the cob! Ethan and Kevin LOVED their Sno-cones, and Trevor preferred the mini donuts. Everyone rode a couple of rides...the favorite being the Giant Slide. I hope Grandma Sandi got more pictures than I did!

Catching up on Summer: Pop Pop's Visit

Another highlight from the summer was a visit from Robert's dad, affectionately known as "Pop Pop" around here. He stayed the weekend and gave the boys some rocket flying lessons. By the end of his stay, Pop Pop had decided to turn off his hearing aids so he could get some peace and quiet!

Getting ready to launch

He's a rocket pro!

Trying on Pop Pop's shoes

They almost fit--give him a few years!

Raingutter Regata

Trevor's Cub Scout Pack held a Raingutter Regata this summer. Unfortunately, we didn't get the boat kit until a couple of days before, and Robert was out of town. Needless to say, Trevor's boat wasn't the quickest. Maybe next year...

He gets points for style, right?!

Ready to race...
On your mark, get set, blow!

Funny Pics of Kevin this Summer

I thought I would post some cute pictures of Kevin from this summer...he's definitely at a cute, though often trying, age right now.

One evening, Ethan and Kevin got all geared up.
Love the backwards hat.

Don't mess with me.

We had a little pool on the deck all summer, by Kevin preferred this big tub!

Nauvoo Trip 2

Here are some more pictures of our trip. We spent the last day on a horse-driven wagon ride, taking pictures by the temple, and a visit to Carthage. What a great trip! It's always amazing to learn more about the history of our church. I'm glad the boys were old enough this time around to really be interested!

Catching Up on Summer: Nauvoo Trip 1

We had a great trip to Nauvoo, Illinois, with our friends the Preators and the Deans. Last time we were in Nauvoo, Ethan was Kevin's age! The first day was very hot, but the kids made it through. We loved all of the shows, especially Sunset by the Mississippi (my boys still talk about one of the skits they did), and definitely the Nauvoo Pageant.

Todd, Denise and Nora Visit: ComoTown and Zoo

We spent a fun day at Como Town and Como Zoo. Nora was the bravest about the rides...she wanted to ride everything! (My boys aren't the bravest bunch.) I loved the permanent smiles on their faces. The animals were fun to see, as well...I didn't get many pictures of them. The last picture in the slide show is at our house...all of the cousins on the slide.

Todd, Denise and Nora Visit: Duluth

My brother, Todd, and his family, Denise and Nora, came to visit. We were very excited to have them here! We tried to inundate them with all of the things you have to do in MN...like visiting Duluth! We had a great time...the weather was perfect, and the kids had a blast throwing rocks in the water and swimming in the hotel pool. We think we kind of converted them to the beauties of MN!

Catching Up on Summer: Star Wars Exhibit

I'm attempting to catch up on our summer adventures. Here are some pictures of our highly anticipated visit to the Science Museum to see the Star Wars Exhibit. We went with our friends, the Tennants. Fun times!