Saturday, September 12, 2009

San Diego Trip: Legoland

I'm trying to catch up on blogging. I thought I would post some fun pictures from our trip to San Diego this year. Of course, we hit Legoland, one of our favorite spots.

Trevor and Kevin rode the train. Kevin loved it!

Our favorite ride this year: the Lego Fire Engine race. We did this at least 6 times! You have to pump up and down on a lever to make the fire engine go. At the other end you have to put out a "fire," then jump back in and pump the lever back. There are 4 fire engines racing...we didn't win this time, much to Ethan's disappointment.

This was a new ride...a sort of robotic arm that twists you and turns you around. It has 5 different levels of intensity. Although Ethan was up for Level 5 (the craziest), he was only allowed to do Level 3 because of his height. Maybe next year!

Ethan LOVES the idea of being the king.
This airplane ride was fun, although it looks like someone is a back-seat driver!
Somehow we all got stuck in a boat traffic jam...and Kevin and I were first at the beginning!
These guys got first place in this race!
Trevor loves driving these cars. He is very good at obeying traffic signs.
The helicopter ride.
(Don't they look like they are plotting something evil?)

Life-sized Star Wars figures made out of Legos...a boy's dream fulfilled!

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The Minnesota Preators said...

So fun to see your new posts and pictures from your trip...looks like so much fun!!!