Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Summer Fun: Como Zoo

Como Zoo has to be one of my favorite places. I love the concept of a "free" zoo and park. We hit the zoo on a beautiful, sunny, yet cool August day.

First stop, Cafesjian's Carousel: a beautifully restored carousel from 1914.

As you can see, 3 people in this picture are excited to ride the carousel. 1 is scared stiff. A nice lady from Sweden took our picture for us, after giving me lots of great travel tips I can use if I ever travel to Sweden.

Kevin and I rode this handsome horse together. Kevin refused to look at me after the ride because he felt it was "too scary."

What's not to love about giraffes? Actually, I don't have any other pictures at the actual zoo part. The boys were more interested in Como Town.

Here's Kevin riding the only 1 ticket ride at Como Town.
He rode it 5 times in a row, selecting a different color car each time.

Trevor opted for the bumper cars.

So did Ethan. By the way, Ethan's hair looks matted down because he felt the need to stand underneath the misters for 10 minutes, despite the 70 degree outside temperature.

After Como Town, we headed to the nice park just on the other side. Someone is a little too big for the baby swing. Hard to believe he ever fit in one! (Actually, I had to help pry him out of it...his posterior was quite stuck.)

Ethan zipped across the zip line about a thousand times.
You've got to love the free-ness and fun of Como Zoo, although I still laid down quite a bit of cash for the carousel ride, some tickets for Como Town, and ice cream treats for everyone. What happened to "free"?

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