Saturday, September 12, 2009

Summer Fun: Kelley Farm

There's a great farm about an hour away called the Oliver Kelley Farm. It is a working farm run by the Historical Society, and they try to keep it a close to a farm from the 1860s as possible. This is the second time Cathy and I have taken the kids there.

There are lots of jobs for kids to do, like pumping well water.

This was very popular, and sparked a few heated debates about whose turn it was.

Of course, you can't let the water go to waste. Trevor hauled many pails of water down the hill to...

...the water trough for the horses and oxen.

Emily loved the horse. I think she would look great riding one. I think she should ask her mom for a horse for her birthday!

The other great thing at the farm is all of the animals roaming around...chickens, sheep, cows.

There is also a beautiful barn...

...complete with adorable kittens!

We spent a lot of time with those kittens.
We heard a lot of pleas to take one home with us.
(Thank goodness we are already equipped in the cat area.)

They even had some chores for us to do in the farm house.
We got fetch water to clean the cellar.
Last time we got to fetch wood for the stove and knead bread dough.
I love this place.

I think we will be back!


Scrappycook said...

I'd love to take the kids there! I'll have to look it up and get more info.

The Minnesota Preators said...

Looks like fun...adorable pics of your 3 boys!

Cathy said...

Emily is officially not allowed to read your blog!! That was such a fun day :)