Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Summer Fun: Minnesota Zoo

The day after our trip to Como Zoo, we headed to the Minnesota Zoo. You can never have too much zoo! We met Cathy and her kiddos there, and we immediately hit the butterfly garden.

It's such a calm, peaceful place. Kevin really got into trying to find the different butterflies.
I think his favorite part was the plastic hanging down at the doors to keep butterflies from flying out. He called it a "car wash." He's obsessed with carwashes.

I thought this butterfly was particularly handsome.

I wonder how many pictures I have of my kids sitting on this turtle?

We unanimously decided that our favorite part of the day was the reef aquarium and the shark tank. We spent a lot of time there. Ethan said he would like a large aquarium with a cubby hole just like this in his bedroom. I told him to ask Grandma Sandi.

We tried out the new play area at the zoo. Kevin waited very patiently to have his turn with the fishing pole. He seems way more interested in fishing than his brothers.

I love the expression on his face here. Apparently this was one wild fish ride!

I thought this was a cute one of Ethan. Apparently the animal statues were more interesting than the actual animals that day.

Of course, everyone had to have a turn. I think I have a hundred shots like this one, too.

My second favorite part of the zoo is the farm. This pumpkin was enourmous!

OK...by the end of zoo tour day two, we were officially "zoo"ed out!

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