Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Summer Fun: Camping

I must preface this post by saying "Summer Fun: Camping" is a little misleading. Although we did sleep outside in the great outdoors, and we had a campfire, and we slept in a tent, I'm not sure it's technically camping. You see, we did all of those things in our backyard, about 10 feet from our house!

We also purchased a fire bowl. It's been fun having campfires in the backyard. We've consumed more than our fair share of s'mores, I must say.

I've discovered that it is difficult to capture the feeling of a campfire in a photograph. I suppose if you have some fancy equipment you could do it. But, I lack that fancy equipment. What I was trying to capture was how beautiful this particular evening was. It was a full moon. If you look at the sky above Trevor's head, it looks fairly light. That's because the moon is right behind that tree.

I kind of got the feel of the fire here, but I had to hold the camera very still as it did the slowest "click" you've ever heard!

Again, the night was perfect! And the moon was beautiful, our own little night light. And, yes, I lack the correct photographic equipment.

It took an inordinate number of sleeping bags, pillows, blankets, couch cushions, air mattresses, extra clothing layers, and trips to the bathroom to get us ready to sleep in our tent. How do people do it out in the wilderness?
As you can see, we are camping novices. This was a big step for us. Maybe next year we'll venture to the campground just a few miles down the road!

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