Saturday, September 12, 2009

San Diego Trip: Sea World

We spent another fun-filled day at Sea World. I hadn't been to Sea World for a long time, since the boys were much younger. We had a great day...along with about 1.2 million other people!

We loved the dolphin show...

...this dolphin jumped amazingly high!
(I'm sorry to say these dolphins were a little more exciting than our little Minnesota Zoo ones!)

There is a new Sesame Street area for little kids. Kevin loved this Elmo ride!

The Shamu show was amazing!

There's nothing like seeing one of these whales close up.

They even had a baby orca in the show.

After the show, we found this little out-of-the-way area where the whales were swimming. We could have stayed there for hours...way better than any T.V. show! (Kevin couldn't keep his eyes off of the whales, and couldn't be bothered to turn around for the picture.)

You don't realize how big they are until you get very close up.
Everytime the whales would swim by, the kids would scream and laugh!
The whales left quite an impression...Kevin still talks about "Shamu."

Nora is crazy for Shamu, too. She is a frequent visitor at Sea World and carries around a Shamu puppet all of the time (which she has named "dolphin.") Ethan and Kevin decided they needed a Shamu puppet, too. They squeaked their Shamu puppets the rest of the evening!

Kevin really likes flamingos. The minute he saw these, he jumped out of his stroller and stood on one leg.

We had so much fun at Sea World. Thanks for taking us, Grandma!

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I love the photo with the flamingos!